Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Designs & Remodel IdeasOur Gold Coast bathroom renovators create custom bathroom designs to suit your home and lifestyle. Our bathroom designs include modern, contemporary, traditional, and even custom designs to suit your liking.

50 Shades Of Grey

Want to bring a sexy, sleek and succulent look into your bathroom this season? We’ve put together a selection of irresistible, bathroom-stealing designs. Indulge yourself with these 50 Shades of Grey… Grey, not just popular in the novel. Grey is also predicated to be one of this year’s biggest interior design trends. Grey has a lot of potential, it’s far less aggressive than black, yet far more expressive than white. Grey compliments almost any colour beautifully, offering designers and home renovators numerous rich tones and shades to play with. Opting for grey in your bathroom, or any interior for that matter, opens vast product selection opportunities as everything from floor and wall tiles to bath tubs, shower screens and bathroom linen is available in grey.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities come in an almost limitless variety of sizes, materials and price ranges. Finding the one that’s right for your bathroom design is an essential step in creating a relaxing and elegant bathroom space in your home, so you’ll want to consider a number of factors before making a decision. In general, a bathroom vanity is defined as the combination of a mirror, one or more sinks, a countertop, and usually some form of storage for accessories or other bathroom necessities. Vanities are often chosen according to size, as this is usually the starting factor when deciding on your vanity. The most common standard sizes (in width) are: 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. Vanities can also be made to measure to fit perfectly into a space in your bathroom, but this may cost extra. We can loosely categorise bathroom vanities into the following styles Freestanding Vanity Wall Hung Vanity Floating Vanity Vanity Counter tops & Basins Mix & Match to get your perfect look Stone Top Hardwood Top Ceramic Top Glass Top Bathroom vanity tops can be made of many different materials, however there is generally two types of tops – one piece moulded tops (Acrylic, Polymarble or Vitreous China) or a Solid Surface/Polyresin (Ceaserstone, Granite, laminate, marble,

The Freestanding Bath

The Freestanding Bath Chic and contemporary, a freestanding bath is guaranteed to add longevity to your bathroom. Without any wall support, it is a style that dominates and makes for a strong design feature, be it a traditional clawfoot or pedestal bath in any of its variations. When it comes to installation there are certain logistics to keep in mind. There are practicalities that must be addressed in terms of its installation that requires research and time committed to detail as well as technical awareness about plumbing and drainage. A freestanding bath is more successful when it is fitted as part of a brand new bathroom makeover rather than adding one to an existing bathroom. When installing, ensure there is adequate space between the wall and the bath to ensure easy cleaning. Map it out so you’re able to get around freely with a mop. Freestanding or built-in bath? Let’s face it, freestanding baths are more luxurious, whether you like modern or vintage design. They’ve been really popular in recent years because not only are they gorgeous, but most are actually designed for people who want to enjoy a bath. They make a strong design statement in a room and they come in an incredible variety

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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Tips. One of the busiest rooms in the house, the bathroom needs careful consideration when it comes to lighting. From applying makeup to brushing your teeth, there are numerous things you do in the bathroom which rely on clear visibility. Lighting is a key consideration but bathroom lights are about more than just clarity of vision – they’re about atmosphere too. Choosing and installing light fixtures for a bathroom requires a bit more thought than other rooms as it contains water. The definition of a bathroom is a location that contains a bath or shower, rooms with just a sink or toilet are not classed as bathrooms. No matter whether you plan to install recessed downlights or surface spotlights in your bathroom you need to follow the rules. Bright, clear light is essential as you prepare for the day. Then later, as your bathroom becomes a sanctuary for relaxation, you’ll probably want to create a more luxurious atmosphere. Whether you want to keep the lights up or turn them down low, we have plenty of ideas. Lighting with purpose Whether it’s a light to illuminate the whole room, to brighten your mirror or something subtle to set the mood. Task lighting Task lighting has a specific

Create Space with a Mirror

The bathroom mirror is the kind of decorating detail that should receive far more attention than it does. After all, you look at it every day. It provides a critical function for daily grooming but is also a relatively easy way to inject a dose of personality and style into even the smallest bathrooms. Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a small space than a well-placed bathroom mirror. Expanding walls, amplifying light, breaking up visual clutter, mirrors can be used to solve most any bathroom design dilemma. Sometimes a bathroom mirror complements the bathroom by adding character and spark to a classic or clinical space. Other times the mirror itself plays second fiddle to a dramatic sink or tile. Whatever the case, choosing a mirror can be a fun and a low-effort way to decorate your bathroom. Bathroom Mirror Tips Create another window by placing a mirror next to or across from the real deal. The reflection maximises the effect of natural light and pleasant outdoor views, allowing you to appreciate them from multiple angles.   Hanging a mirror is a lot like hanging art. You may not know the rules you are following but you know when it looks

Feng Shui Bathrooms

When carrying out a bathroom renovation, you need to stop focusing on just the function of the room. You need to broaden your scope to incorporate how energy flows throughout the room. This is what Feng Shui about; using the design and architecture of the room to enhance its flow of energy. The Bath Co Gold Coast shares a few items that you need to place in your bathroom if you opt to incorporate the Feng Shui style while renovating your bathroom. Crystal Geodes The best place to hang crystal geodes is in the southern corner of your bathroom. From this, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the light playing on the walls every time you are in the bathroom. The premise here is that the light show will eliminate any negative fire energies that might be emanating from the south. Metal Wind Chimes Proponents of the Feng Shui style all agree that the tingling of the metal pipes in a bathroom create a relaxing atmosphere as well as wading off any negative energy that might be in the room. We suggest that you place the metal chimes in the east, south, or southeast direction of the bathroom. Also, ensure that the chimes are not adorned

How to plan your bathroom renovation

Section 1: Getting Started on your bathroom renovation When it comes to the bathroom, there’s a lot going on in a relatively small space. Focus on style and functionality. Get inspired. Start a collage board of all the bathroom designs and features that you like. Collect inspiration for your vanity, fixtures, tiles, lighting and colours. Once you have collected a number of images you’ll usually start to see a trend emerge. This step will also get you well acquainted with all of the amazing fixture options out there. Planning your bathroom renovation Contemporary Design Factors to Consider Traditional Style Bathroom Style Rustic Master Bath Section 2: Purpose + Goals Think about your reasons for renovating, assess your bathroom needs and design a space that fulfills your goals. Consider where your current bathroom plumbing and electricity are positioned in the room. The less you need to reposition these, the less you will need to spend on tradies. You should also consider how well your old inlets and outlets will work with new fixtures and fittings.Which Bathroom? Full Bathroom Half-Bath or Powder Room Master Bathroom Three-Quarter Bathroom Kid-Friendly Bathrooms Section 3: The Cost of a Bathroom Renovation Determine your budget. What are you able or willing to spend on your bathroom renovation? Write it down and stick