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Contact us using the form below and we will call you back within 24 hours to organise a visit, guaranteed.
Based in Helensvale on the Gold Coast, Our service area expands to the Brisbane North Side.

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Nuspace Homes is a service only business.   We visit you in your home or business to discuss you renovation needs at a time to suit you.

Why no showroom?

For some businesses, it’s the right answer and makes perfect sense to feature a showroom. Customers certainly love it and see value in having the real deal in front of them. It’s almost expected.

So why have we chosen a showroom-less business model?

The Nuspace team sure doesn’t like to disappoint, but it’s a worthy question and one with multiple layers, stretching from business sense to customer satisfaction to actual dollars and cents.

The bottom line, showrooms cost a lot of money, costs that are ultimately passed down to you, the customer. And while we’d love to have a space to show off our latest renovation designs, it means more for us to provide value to customers and give them the most for their money.

We work closely with many suppliers and can advise of those partners and let them do what they do best, run massive beautiful showrooms for their amazing products.

Service Location Gold Coast to Brisbane