Feng Shui Bathrooms

When carrying out a bathroom renovation, you need to stop focusing on just the function of the room. You need to broaden your scope to incorporate how energy flows throughout the room. This is what Feng Shui about; using the design and architecture of the room to enhance its flow of energy. The Bath Co Gold Coast shares a few items that you need to place in your bathroom if you opt to incorporate the Feng Shui style while renovating your bathroom.

Crystal Geodes
The best place to hang crystal geodes is in the southern corner of your bathroom. From this, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the light playing on the walls every time you are in the bathroom. The premise here is that the light show will eliminate any negative fire energies that might be emanating from the south.

Metal Wind Chimes
Proponents of the Feng Shui style all agree that the tingling of the metal pipes in a bathroom create a relaxing atmosphere as well as wading off any negative energy that might be in the room. We suggest that you place the metal chimes in the east, south, or southeast direction of the bathroom. Also, ensure that the chimes are not adorned with any symbols.

Green Plants
Place a few green plants in the northern side of the bathroom to stifle any negative energy that may be emanating from the water. Other than suppressing the negative energies inherent in the bathroom, the lush green plants also serve to brighten up the room.

Lanterns and Candles
Placing glowing candles or lamps in the bathroom not only creates a romantic ambience but can also provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The lanterns and candles should be placed in the northeast, south-west, or southern corners of the bathroom.

The Bathroom Mirror

It is not advisable to have mirrors in the bathroom. However if you feel its necessary. Keep it covered. The mirror should never reflect the toilet.

A mirror outside the bathroom door is considered good as the mirror pushes the energy away from entering the bathroom, thus the energy is prevented from going down the drain, so to speak.

Place a mirror on the outside of your bathroom door for the Chi to move to other rooms.