Bathroom Lighting

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Bathroom Lighting Tips. One of the busiest rooms in the house, the bathroom needs careful consideration when it comes to lighting.

From applying makeup to brushing your teeth, there are numerous things you do in the bathroom which rely on clear visibility.

Lighting is a key consideration but bathroom lights are about more than just clarity of vision – they’re about atmosphere too.

Choosing and installing light fixtures for a bathroom requires a bit more thought than other rooms as it contains water. The definition of a bathroom is a location that contains a bath or shower, rooms with just a sink or toilet are not classed as bathrooms. No matter whether you plan to install recessed downlights or surface spotlights in your bathroom you need to follow the rules.

Bright, clear light is essential as you prepare for the day. Then later, as your bathroom becomes a sanctuary for relaxation, you’ll probably want to create a more luxurious atmosphere. Whether you want to keep the lights up or turn them down low, we have plenty of ideas.

Lighting with purpose

Whether it’s a light to illuminate the whole room, to brighten your mirror or something subtle to set the mood.
Task lighting
Task lighting has a specific purpose; these are the ones that give you the best light for shaving, putting on make up, cleaning or cleansing. Lights around a mirror, or installing spotlights in your ceiling, will help you to achieve just the right level of light.
Decorative lighting
Decorative lighting is all about style. Maybe your bathroom needs a shimmering chandelier to give it wow factor. Perhaps you’ll go for spotlights in your bath or floor lights for a fabulous design statement.

Light up

Spotlights are stylish and modern and can give the kind of light that creates atmosphere. They are very discreet and can be used in ceilings to specifically highlight an area of the bathroom. Installing a spotlight above a vanity mirror, for example, can work really well.
Mirror lighting
Mirrors featuring lights are perfect if you’d like to use the bathroom mirror for applying make-up or shaving. An illuminated mirror brings more light into the room and can add an atmospheric touch. Mirror lighting can be mains or battery powered.
For a luxurious bathroom that’s all about indulgence a chandelier makes a wonderful choice. Choose from smaller chandeliers with a hint of grandeur to a larger, glittering fitting to create a stylish statement.
Bath tub lights
Lights beneath the water create a truly relaxing ambience. For ultimate luxury, and a spa-like feel, choose specially created spotlights. The lights can be fitted into the bath and you can bathe in relaxing low light.
LED floor lights
Lighting up your bathroom from the floor up is an exciting and contemporary solution. Floor lights offer atmosphere along with an effective level of light.
Recessed Lighting
Placing spotlights in recessed areas of the bathroom is another good way to create a focal point.

Bathroom Lighting Checklist!

Before you finish your bathroom design you need to make sure the lighting you’ve chosen is right. Use this checklist to help you make those final considerations:

How much natural light does the bathroom get? Are you making the most of windows and mirrors to enhance this?
What lights do you already have in place in your bathroom? Do they cast shadows? Do they need upgrading or replacing?
What light bulbs are you using? Could switching to lower wattage bulbs in a larger number of fittings work better than a single, high watt light bulb?
Do the lights you’ve added increase function and enhance style?

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