Bathroom Waterproofing

Australian bathroom waterproofing standard requirements
Waterproofing the entire shower recess floor
Water proofing at least 100mm beyond the shower hob and 150mm up the shower walls
Waterproofing vertical shower wall joints to at least 1800mm
If your bathroom is above the ground floor or has wooden flooring, the entire bathroom floor must be waterproofed

By choosing the right bathroom waterproofing solution for your bathroom remodel project, you can avoid costly repairs not only to your bathroom, but also to your home.

Nuspace Homes Gold Coast offer a complete waterproofing service as a part of our bathroom renovation services. We focus on delivering a quality bathroom waterproofing solution that represents efficiency, value for money and quality workmanship.

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The Importance Of Bathroom Water Proofing.

A professional bathroom waterproofing treatment is the important foundation of your new bathroom that will last a lifetime. A properly waterproofed bathroom will prevent structural damage and reduce the risk of damage caused by water leaks, rising damp and condensation. At nuspace homes, all bathrooms are waterproofed to Australian Standards, plus we go one step further making sure that the shower walls as well as the bathroom floor are impervious to water.

Our Waterproofing Process involves:

Professionally preparing and priming all areas, particularly around drains and joins and even in the wall cavity to ensure a flawless bathroom waterproofing solution

Ensuring wet areas are smooth and free of anything that may affect the integrity of the bathroom waterproofing membrane

Fitting a polyester reinforcement mat into all corners and junctions

Installing the bathroom waterproofing membrane

Applying not just one, but two coats of waterproofing

We allow 24 hours before tiling can commence.

Licensed Waterproofing Services

Licensed Waterproofing team available for commercial or residential jobs throughout the Gold Coast.

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Your bathroom waterproofing is finished to the highest standard and completed within the agreed time-frame!

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That is how confident we are in our waterproofing services.

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